I have a beef with “The Biggest Loser”


Three stages of Rachel’s weight: 260 – 155 – 105

I have been seeing a lot of social media traffic regarding Rachel Frederickson, who was the winner of The Biggest Loser this season.  Little bit of background on Rachel for those of you who do not follow The Biggest Loser.  She is 24, a former colligate swimmer and arrived weighing 260 pounds at the start of the competition. Through the majority of the competition she lived at a weight loss ranch, to go through a series of workouts challenges and therapeutic sessions with trained coaches and nutritionist specialists.  She left the ranch weighing 155 pounds, with two other finalists who also went home and tried to either maintain or continue to lose the weight. Frederickson returned six weeks later weighing 105 pounds, giving us a grand total of 155 pounds that she had lost, which is around 60% of her body weight.  Being The Biggest Loser she walked away with a $250,000 prize.

Click here to see the season finale: THE SEASON 15 FINALE

I have so many thoughts on this, so many.  I actually like the show; however with money being the driving factor versus being happy and healthy…I think we could be sending the wrong messages to those who are struggling with weight lose and impressionable youth. My issue with The Biggest Loser has always been that everything is based on the scale (Scales Post).  Potomac CrossFit does a Paleo challenge every year, at which time the gym owner Brian, explains to all the participants that we will not be weighing ourselves during the challenge.  Wait, what?  How will we know who wins?  This always pisses me off.  Why you ask?  Because isn’t the fact that you are becoming healthy, which will increase your quality of life enough of a win.  We do have prizes, but the winner is based on before and after pictures and PERFORMANCE, not weight.  They do three workouts at the start of the Paleo Challenge and the same three at the end.  Wait for it….I have never seen someone’s performance that actually follows the Paleo Diet go down.

With a $250,000 purse up for grabs and 45 pounds of weight loss in six weeks added to the equation…I can guarantee you she was not eating health foods, performing metabolic conditioning or lifting weights like the trainers had taught her.  Because if she had, she would look healthy like she did at 155, having defined muscle and healthy fat.  I would bet she did all sorts of dangerous weight loss techniques like fasting, purging, sauna sessions, laxative pills, you name it.  I am sorry if this sounds judgy, in my opinion this is how she lost those 45 pounds, which she didn’t really need to lose anyways.

I would like to also say shame on The Biggest Loser for not checking on her during those final six weeks.  I get it, the final six weeks are a challenge for those participating in the competition to show that they can maintain the weight lose, use all those tools they learned at the ranch like eating healthy, positive attitudes, metabolic conditioning and weight lifting.  The thing is, mentally weight loss and weight gain are not all that different.  Obviously something in their lives caused them to go overboard and become obese, so wouldn’t it make sense that maybe an individual during the competition could take it to the other extreme….makes sense to me.  For the majority of us, in my opinion, weights lose and weight gain is about control…you just have to find that happy healthy balance.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” -Buddha

In closing if you are trying to lose weight, or gain weight in a healthy way, start by eating real healthy foods, I like Paleo, check out my blog.  Then join a gym, get involved with a community that will support you, keep you in check and help you reach your goals.  I love my PCF CrossFit Community, if you live in Arlington, VA check us out at Potomac Crossfit or Patriot CrossFit.

2 thoughts on “I have a beef with “The Biggest Loser”

  1. Lisa

    i couldn’t agree more with you, healthy doesn’t mean skinny. when she walked out my jaw dropped, she is WAY too thin. thanks for posting molly

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