Life lessons and gardening

I can remember as a small child playing outside in the Iowa sunshine with my sister, sneaking into the strawberry patch when Mom wasn’t looking, seeing my first gardener snake, helping Mom plant seeds, the excitement of seeing the seeds poke out of the ground, and spending hours outside playing while Mom worked in the garden.  I remember the hoe she used; I finally spotted a similar one at a local hardware store.

As a teenager and young adult I didn’t really get it though.  I couldn’t see the benefit of spending countless hours in a garden.  It seemed to me all you really had to show for it was sore muscles, more weeds to pull and dirt everywhere.

I now realize with my own garden that gardening nourishes my soul and rejuvenates my spirit.  Mom wasn’t just gardening; she was teaching me life lessons.

It’s never just been about the garden.  Planting something, seeing it grow from a seedling, the excitement of pulling something you labored over out of the garden and eating it, the importance gardening plays in our economy, the joy of nurturing, and the joy of sharing my garden with others.

In a small garden in my back yard away from all the hustle and bustle of the city I find my peace with a little help from light, water and life.

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