Peanut Butter…it’s delicious.

Peter Pan

I have to admit I have a weakness for peanut butter.  No seriously, I eat at least two heaping tablespoons a day, which has caused me to rethink the pros and cons of giving up my favorite nightly snack. 

Is it really that bad?  Well we can skirt around this all day, but the answer is yes.  In terms of protein and fat, you are getting both.  However, let’s think about the kind of protein and fat you are getting…the best way I ever heard this put was by Robb Wolf “it’s a third world protein.”  Don’t get me wrong, it delicious.  The thought of some Creamy Peter Pan is causing my mouth to salivate right now. 

The major bummer to peanut butter besides being a cheap protein is that P Butter is crafty, it is a Aflatoxin mold by product, which is bad for your liver.  Peanuts in general are very irritating protein, they seem to be able to make it through your gut almost intact, hence the term “peanut gut” plus they increase chances for auto immunity diseases.  I know what you are thinking, ok I will go out to Whole Foods and buy me some quality P Butter, not Peter Pan or Jiff.  Afraid that will not help friends…organic P Butter has more Aflatoxin than the cheap stuff. 

almond butter

The only real solution is to learn to love almond butter, which you can make yourself.  I think I will keep both in my pantry for those days I want to #treatyoself or the dog, or until I can completely wean myself off.

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