Scales are misleading, learn to read your body!

Are you weighing yourself? Is that really helping you look/feel/perform better, or is it making you crazy?


If weighing yourself isn’t making you look/feel/perform better, than why do it?

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Someone asked me the other day if I had a scale to weigh my food?!?!  What?  I laughed, but they were legitimately shocked that a so called person who cares about their health and fitness would not have a scale.  I don’t have a scale in my house period!  I wasn’t trying to come off arrogant, but I truly believe that if you workout, sleep and eat a Paleo diet that the look will come, as well as the inches.  Who cares if you weigh 135 or 160 pounds, so long as you’re healthy?  As a former collegiate athlete that lived by the scale.  I became so obsessed with logging my calories, that at one point I was running up to six miles a day to burn calories.  In the end I lost sight of why I was training, and ultimately lost a lot of muscle in the process.  Now, I only weigh myself at my semiannual Fitness Test, or if I am at the doctors office and even then I don’t care what the scale says so long as I feel good. 

I challenge you to throw that scale out, or better yet send it to that former boss that you despise.

Live a healthy lifestyle – eat well, workout smart, sleep enough, have fun, and be happy.  Stay mindful of how you feel, how your workouts are going, and make adjustments to your diet accordingly.

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