Beef Soup Bone Stew

Have you ever had a stew that just blew the others away, and wondered why? Well it is hard to explain, but cooking with the bone in the liquid just seems to take the flavor to a whole new level. It’s kind of like homemade pie crust, once you have the real thing you can never really go back.

I love a recipe like this…it requires little planning/preparation, you can throw together some staple ingredients, and when you get home from a long day you will have a wonderful smelling home with a delicious paleo friendly stew waiting for you. It really is like your Mom has been there all day cooking.

1.) Optional – Brown the soup bone on all sides.
2.) Place the soup bone and extra stew meat if needed into the slow cooker.
3.) Add your favorite root vegetables like carrots or parsnips.
4.) Sweet potatoes, diced.
5.) One or two onions, peppers, some mushrooms all chopped.
6.) Four to five garlic cloves, chopped.
7.) Thyme, 2 tablespoons or some fresh sprouts tied in butcher twine.
8.) Bay leaves, 2-4.
9.) Salt and pepper to taste.
10.) Add one and half cups water and a can of tomatoes. (I use my canned tomatoes from my garden for best taste. See canning tomatoes, if you want to give this a try yourself.)


11.) Cook on high for 6 hours, then another 2 on low. Or, cook on low for about 12 hours.
* Be sure to cook the stew until the meat is tender and give the bone time to let out all the flavor into the liquid.
12.) Once the meat is tender, remove all the bones, bay leaves and thyme from the stew. Return any bone marrow that may remain to the pot and stir.
13.) If the bones are big enough and you have a four-legged friend, feel free to give them a real treat.

_MG_8608 14.) Enjoy and enjoy again the next day when you have leftovers!

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