Over easy eggs on a bed of sweet potato hash

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What is one thing you can’t mess up? Hash. You can’t mess it up. I like to use my leftover grilled meat about once a week to make a hearty hash for breakfast. The only limit to this recipe is your imagination.

Note: I am a firm believer of the skillet magic. This recipe will work without a skillet, but it won’t be as good. Something about a skillet really enhances the flavor of food in my opinion.



Some form of meat… left over pork chops, steaks, etc cut into cubes

One sweet potato chopped into cubes

Seasoning – Salt, pepper, basil, garlic… anything you like, anything.

One onion chopped


Optional – Bacon, hot sauce or whatever you want.



Throw everything but the eggs in the skillet, cook at a medium heat until potatoes are tender. If you notice things are sticking to the pan, add some fat or olive oil. This will be based on the type of meat you put in the skillet with the hash… the fatter the meat, the less it sticks.

Once the hash is ready, cook the eggs over easy.

I then place the eggs on top of the hash, and top with some hot sauce.


That is it.

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