Shucking an Oyster Easy Style


If you are like me, then you probably haven’t shucked a lot of oysters. This can seem like a daunting task, that is, if you have never done it. Opening and oyster usually requires heavy gloves and a pointy knife in order to open the mollusks. And until recently, it seemed like an endeavor that just wasn’t worth the time.

I was at Anthony’s Seafood in Middletown, RI when I was introduced to the world’s easiest method for shucking oysters: Throw the quahog (RI word for Oyster) on the grill. They open a little by themselves when exposed to the heat, which is usually about two minutes. You may still have to pry them open a little bit, but you won’t have to dig for the hinge. Be careful when opening, this will prevent you from losing all the wonderful juices inside.

Finally, just season them with a little melted butter, lemon or lime juice and cayenne pepper, and enjoy.

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