Sautéed eggplant with meat and sauce of choice

EggplantFast, easy and deliciously healthy!

I love August and September; mainly because my garden is really starting to produce an amazing bounty. It is fun trying to see how long I can make it without going to the store for some produce. One item that I whipped up after work the other day was an eggplant and pepperoni dish. While making this dish try not to get caught up in the amount, let your palate do the talking.



Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper (Quality is key here – sea salt and freshly ground)

Meat of choice

Sauce of choice (optional)


1.) Dice up you eggplant

2.) Warm up some olive oil in skillet

3.) Sauté eggplant until it starts to become tender, don’t forget to add the salt and pepper for taste

4.) Add meat of choice (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, etc)

5.) Sauté until all ingredients are cooked and tender

6.) To spice it up add a sauce of choice or Kiamichi

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