Slow Cooker Cabbage and Pork


Cabbage in a slow cooker is super easy; the main thing with this is to leave a little lard on the meat for a delicious flavor.  You could use pork, corn beef or sausage for this recipe.  Keep in mind it’s a slow cooker, so a long as you cook it low and slow with a few staple ingredients it will taste delicious.


1 Cabbage (sliced into wedges)

1 Pound Pulled Pork (or whatever looks like enough)

2 Sweet Potatoes (cubed) / Carrots would work

1 One Onion(chopped)

14 Oz Can Diced Tomatoes

½ Cup Water

Salt and Pepper (Up to you)


1.)    Put sweet potato on the bottom, then pork, onions, and diced tomatoes and top with cabbage.

2.)    Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper.

3.)    Cook on low for 10 or so hours

4.)    It’s that easy.   

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